​RecyclE /Reclaim/Redirect


Metals Reclamation / E Waste

Let  RMI source a market for your scrap, spent or metal bearing waste  streams.  We research the options, manage the logistics and guarantee  the most economical and environmentally compliant results. Computers,  printers, and electronic equipment have been banned from landfills.   Call us to discuss your options for these materials.

Plastic and Waste Resins
Production  waste resins and post consumer plastics can return revenues in the  recycling market.  Call us for details and quotations for the management  of these waste streams.

Reclaimed  plastic can be used to manufacture products such as packaging, plastic  lumber, furniture and a range of composite materials.

Obsolete Chemicals
Off-Spec, out-of-date, or surplus inventory can be an unexpected source of revenue.
RMI offers a full range of product redirection, recycling or resell.  Let us explore your options.

Empty Container Management

Empty  drums and containers can be a serious liability if improperly managed.   All empty containers should be reclaimed or recycled by a licensed,  permitted facility. Call us to schedule a pickup and discuss your  options.

Wood Waste and Pallet Recycling

RMI  supplies clean, 40 yard roll-off containers to accumulate your pallets  and wood waste.  Call us to schedule a swap out or set up a daily,  weekly or monthly service.  All pallet and wood waste is 100% recycled  or redirected for beneficial reuse, thus reducing your cost and the  impact on our landfills and environment.