Whether  it's a hard-to-find item or your everyday industrial or safety  supplies, RMI will find what you need at less than catalog pricing.   Call us with an item number or description and we'll research your best  options.  We are a distributor for several catalog companies and  manufacturers; which allows us to quote you lower that published/retail  pricing.   We're your one-stop shop.  You don't have to add a long list  of vendors to your supply chain; just call RMI, and we'll source those  items for you from however many sources, you only have to call RMI.

Items such as:

  • ​Spill Containment, Absorbent Pads, Vermiculite, Oil Dri, Pigs and Booms
  • PPE,  Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Hard  Hats, Sleeves, Aprons, Tyvek Coveralls, Lab Coats, Ergonomic Support
  • Flammable Cabinets, Custom Signage for Indoors or Outdoors. 
  • Fall Protection, Air Samplers, Respirators,
  • Waste Containers: Drums, Totes, Pails, Cubic Yard Boxes and Overpack Drums
  • ​First Aid Cabinets and Restock Items
  • ​Torque wrenches, Drum Wrenches, Drum Dollies, and Drum Grabbers
  • ​Monitoring and Testing equipment
  • ​Product packaging: food grade or UN rated, cans, bottles, boxes or totes
  • Custom Signage and Labels for Indoors or Outdoors